Varsity Archery · Archery Team Claims Lions Open Championship

SCPA –  St. Croix Preparatory Academy hosted the 2016 SCPA NASP Open Archery Tournament in the Lion’s Den on March 4 & 5.  With approximately 600 archers representing 39 teams, the SCPA High School Lions took first place by 8 points over New Prague High School with a score of 3,381 points.

The SCPA archers also received medals for individuals placing in the top 5 of their divisions: Kathleen Klinzing (2nd) and Rowen McAllister (3rd) for high school girls.  Wes Joarnt (5th) for high school boys and Vinnie Hajlo (5th) for elementary boys.  The SCPA team also had 20 individuals in the top 20 of their divisions during the tournament.  The elementary team was in 2nd place with 2,753 points and middle school team in 3rd place with 3,062 points.

The overall top individual was Gunnar Carlson from Stillwater High School with a score of 295 out of 300 possible points.  Top female archer was Gabby Donais from Princeton High School with a score of 292 points.  The top elementary and middle school teams were from Milaca.

Top 20 SCPA finishers:

Elementary Girls: Lili Sather (11th-242 pts), Marie Klinzing (17th – 233 pts)

Elementary Boys: Vinnie Hajlo (5th – 264 pts), Nicholas Stankiewicz (17th – 242 pts)

Middle School Girls: Elizabeth Heying (9th – 275 pts), Anna Warmka (16th – 268 pts)

Middle School Boys: Jackson Sather (10th – 270 pts), Rishiraj Singh (12th – 269 pts)

High School Girls: Kathleen Klinzing (2nd – 291 pts), Rowen McAllister (3rd – 290 pts), Brieanna Gregg (6th – 287 pts), Hannah Reich (9th – 285 pts), Maddie Wilkinson (15th – 279 pts), Greer McAllister (16th – 278 pts), Tori Frafjord (19th – 276 pts), Megan Peterson and Zoe Schroeder (20th – 274 pts in three way tie).

High School Boys:  Wes Joarnt (5th – 287 pts), Nicco Jeanetta-Wark (7th – 282 pts), and Jayden Flipp Connolly (9th – 282 pts)