Coed Varsity Archery · SCPA Individuals show great results at Chisago Lakes Tournament

  Place Points
Saint Croix Prep Academy 2nd 3343

Tournament results:
The Chisago Lakes tournament is only for individual competition (no team scores). With 304 competitors shooting on Saturday, Haili Kuester finished 3rd overall with a score of 289 points (1 point behind 2nd place/the overall girls winner). Spectators got to experience the first shoot-out of the season with our own Rishi Singh competing for 4th place in high school boys. The two archers with the same score had a practice round of five arrows and a scoring round of five arrows. You could hear a pin drop in the gym when these boys were shooting. Rishi had another sound round of arrows, but lost by one point. Several archers achieved their personal best scores and season high scores. Great job to all of the archers on this cold day. And thanks to all of the parents and spectators that joined us at the tournament.

Trophy Recipients:
2nd Place High School Girls – Senior Haili Kuester (289 points)
2nd Place Elementary Boys – 5th grader Lars Sather (247 points)
3rd Place Elementary Boys – 5th grader Kaden Gregg (243 points)

4th Place High School Boys – Junior Rishi Singh (287 points)

Perfect 50 scores:
Haili Kuester (twice), Rishiraj Singh (twice), Teagan Sloan (12th grade), Isabelle Bennett (10th grade), Isabelle Hernandez (9th grade), Erin Hilgendorf (8th grade), & Jaxon Most (8th grade)

Rounding out our top 15 place archers:
Elementary Girls:
6th – Jenna Stout
7th – Tessa Brummer
12th – Heidi Sundberg
15th – Andrea Pugh

Elementary Boys:
14th – Tyson Most
15th – Aiden Venne

Middle School Girls:
6th – Erin Hilgendorf
9th – Alexandra Christensen
13th – Lydia Feldhahn
14th – Amelia (Mia) Smith
15th – Lili Sather

Middle School Boys:
8th – Nicholas Stankiewicz
13th – Drew Schutte
15th – Jaxon Most

High School Girls:
7th – Isabelle Bennett
9th – Teagan Sloan
11th – Isabelle Hernandez
14th – Tori Frafjord
15th – Emilie Greene

High School Boys:
14th – Nicco Jeanetta-Wark